TAKE ACTION TODAY to urge the Senate to make decisions on the tax overhaul that don’t harm human services organizations like yours, and that contribute to positive outcomes for children, families, adults, and communities.

Congressional efforts to overhaul the tax code are fast-moving, and it is important that your voice is heard multiple times throughout the process. Today, we ask you to reinforce a letter the Alliance sent to all Senate offices today that urges balanced decision-making that helps people, protects the health and human services sector, and enacts a universal Charitable Giving Deduction. 

Take Action Today: Email Your Senator


Tweet your Senator today and through next week:

.@YourSenator: The cost of tax cuts is too high when it means cutting the foundational supports that build strong families and communities.

.@YourSenator : America's health and human services professionals support stronger families and communities. Reject tax changes that erode that foundation and prove harmful to working families over the long term.

.@YourSenator: Changes to the tax code should support stronger families and communities who are the backbone of the American economy.

Learn More

For additional details, you can review the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities PowerPointWhat You Need to Know about the Federal Tax Overhaul and Dangers to Human Services. You can also listen to the webinar that covered this topic.

Stay Updated

If you want to stay on top of what’s going on with the federal tax code overhaul and other policy issues the Alliance network is working on, you can:

  • Join the Economic Opportunity and Mobility Policy Work group on myAlliance. (alliance1.org>MyAlliance>Groups>Work Groups>Economic Opportunity and Mobilization Work Group>Join Group (right hand column))
  • Sigh up for the weekly Alliance Policy Radar online.

Questions? Contact Jennifer Ralston, associate director of public policy at the Alliance.