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Three senators’ votes will stop the bill. As of now, a few senators are not convinced they can vote in favor of the bill as written. This is a much higher number of “on the fence” GOP senators than we saw with the failed attempt to repeal the ACA. However, pressure is on from GOP leadership for a win, and senators are feeling the pressure at home and in D.C. Your sustained engagement is key as senators listen to constituents before they make their final decision. 

Nov. 30 Action: Tweet at Your Senators

The U.S. Senate is scheduled to vote on the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (S.1) this week. The Alliance opposes this bill because it works against our vision of achieving a healthy and equitable society (see our position statement).

The federal budget is the instrument used to shape our future as a nation, and the tax code is what funds that vision. When taken with the cuts outlined in the Senate Budget Resolution that will pay for the $1.4 trillion cost of the tax bill, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act goes too far in eroding the foundation of strong families and communities that is key to economic growth and strength. We urge you to reach out to both your senators today.

Find your senators' Twitter handles online, and use the sample tweets below. Make sure to Tweet the message below to both your senators. Help amplify our concerns by calling on your networks to Tweet a similar message. 

Vote No Because Cuts Hurt

.@SenatorX before you cast your vote on #TaxBill, I call on you to weigh impact on kids, families, and orgs that serve them. #TaxReform should not be rushed. #CutsHurt

.@SenatorX there is no greater asset than our people. People build a thriving country & fed govt should invest in people. Vote no on #TaxBill that will squeeze funding from core programs that support kids, families, & communities.

.@SenatorX analysis shows that families with young children will not benefit from Senate #GOPTaxPlan. Vote No.

.@SenatorX is voting for a bill that increases the federal deficit by trillions of dollars the right decision? @AlliancePolicy thinks not.

.@YourSenator: America's health and human services professionals support stronger families and communities. Reject tax changes that erode that foundation and prove harmful to working families over the long term.

.@YourSenator: Changes to the tax code should support families and communities who are the backbone of the American economy.

Nov. 28 Action: Call Your Senators

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