In the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities’ recent outreach efforts on Capitol Hill and with national media, we have heard repeatedly of the importance of personalized, localized stories to moving the needle on the policies we care about as a network . Please reach out to the Alliance Public Policy Office to share a story or case study about your organization’s work or to arrange an easy, quick interview so that the Alliance can write your story.

Your national policy team is working directly with Alliance member organizations to create a collection of stories that illuminate the importance and impact of policies like the Community Services Block Grant, Medicaid, the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, and home visiting to your organization, your communities, and our nation. We need to step up that effort, particularly with stories that shed light on the importance of Medicaid for the populations we serve and the impact to the sector should the proposed changes to the federal-state financing structure take place.

We ask that you share any stories that you believe are relevant to Medicaid or the sector as a whole—stories that we will share with members of Congress, national media, and local media in your market to help support a broad range of initiatives including A National Imperative: Joining Forces to Strengthen Human Services in America . We are happy to interview members of your staff and clients to draft stories or adapt from stories you already have developed.

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