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Gwen KoenigSAFY's Gwen Koenig Q&A
Executive Director of Business Development
SAFY of America
Fort Collins, Colorado

Her Alliance Peer Exchange (APEX) group:

Her Alliance Policy Work Groups:

What do you like most about myAlliance?

My role in business development is highly dependent on leveraging relationships and building collaborations. MyAlliance is a community of like-minded people with new ideas and creative approaches right at my fingertips. It also highlights the best part of our industry: Even when we might be seen as competitors, we are open to sharing ideas, experiences, and policies to make a collective impact and create healthier communities.

What would you say if a colleague asked, “Why should I use myAlliance?”

Alliance conferences are a great way to meet new colleagues and share ideas. I would say, “Why wait until October at the Alliance National Conference in Denver to meet new Alliance members (which, by the way, is going to be AMAZING. You really MUST plan to attend!)?”

MyAlliance lets all members have a cross-pollination experience in real time with the entire membership across programs, states, and impact areas. There is no pressure to post, but I do recommend liking other people’s posts so they know that you appreciate their input and feedback.

How do you think myAlliance will enhance the APEX group experience?

I am a huge fan of using nonconformity and dissenting opinions to take an idea to a better place. As trust is built within the APEX community, I hope folks will challenge ideas and give helpful feedback because that allows us to improve our innovative ideas and go to new places that ultimately benefit those we serve. Giving kind and thoughtful pushback from the safety of myAlliance, rather than in person, can move conversations and industry innovation forward.

Tell us about a time when an APEX group or other myAlliance discussion provided some new insight or helpful information?

Peter Metzger posts funding opportunities routinely, which are helpful to review as well as brainstorm potential collaborations. Ron Clewer consistently shares timely information such as the USA Rural Opioid site, which was a fantastic resource to share with my team.

What ideas do you have for increasing the use of myAlliance within your organization and the entire Alliance network?

I am in awe of the Alliance librarians – they might be the best kept secret of the organization. I always appreciate when they chime in with searches they have already done that might be helpful to a posted question. They complete comprehensive searches that would take me days on end.

I can only imagine that when the Alliance librarians search, they come across random tidbits that are enlightening but peripheral. A routine posting of these items categorized by APEX area would be super nerdy fun and most likely spark some new ideas. Might I suggest a “Friday Fascinating Finds” post? Also, anything interactive is going to bring the myAlliance community closer. Is an APEX book club out of the question?

Any additional comments?

This is a shameless plug, but everyone should register for the Alliance National Conference this fall in Denver (shout out to my co-chair, Barbara Ritchie). Not only can you enjoy the Mile-High City, you will also be able to forge new connections with industry leaders and then stay up to date with your new friends through myAlliance. #winwin

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