The Senate remains in session today, working through its recess. Both the House and Senate are expected to return Sept. 4 after the Labor Day federal holiday weekend.

The Alliance for Strong Families and Communities Public Policy and Mobilization Office is still analyzing the multiple amendments attached to last week’s Senate Labor, HHS, Education appropriations bill.

Next week’s edition of the Alliance Policy Radar will highlight a few of the amendments we feel will drive network action during the upcoming conference between the House and Senate.  

If you have a particular position or interest in any of these listed, or there are others on you radar, email the Alliance Office of Public Policy and Mobilization.  

Updates to Bills We Are Tracking

S. 2680 - Opioid Crisis Response Act of 2018
Introduced April 16, 2018

After previous markups, Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) signed on this week as cosponsor: The bill now has 18 cosponsors (9 Republicans, 9 Democrats) - related Bills H.R. 5002 and H.R. 5009.  

Bills Introduced This Week  

S. 3392 - The Modernizing Obstetric Medicine Standards Act of 2018 or the MOMS Act
Introduced Aug. 28, 2018

A bill to address maternal mortality and morbidity. The Secretary, acting through the Associate Administrator of the Maternal and Child Health Bureau of the Health Resources and Services Administration (Bureau), shall establish a program, known as the Alliance for Innovation on Maternal Health program, and through a series of actions highlighted in the bill improve state-specific maternal health outcomes and reduce variation in response to maternity and postpartum care, in order to eliminate preventable maternal mortality and severe maternal morbidity.  

Additionally, The Secretary working with the Bureau and a contracting entity to create and assist state-based collaborative teams in the implementation of standardized best practices, to be known as maternal safety bundles focused on prevention of maternal mortality and morbidity; with specific mention of reduction to racial and ethnic disparities in maternity care.  

The proposed bill also establishes a grant program (for States and Hospitals) for equipment, supplies, and training and evaluation on any such “bundles.” The bill specifically calls out focus on “A State receiving a grant under this subsection shall allocate such funds giving priority to the hospitals in such State that serve high volumes of low-income, at-risk, or rural populations.”  

In addition to the obvious benefits to those many community-based organizations aim to serve, we believe there is potential for organizations in the implementation of the bill and in the supportive services for both patient and hospitals should this bill move forward. If you have interest in this bill, please email the Alliance Public Policy Office, and we will keep you updated on its progress.  

S. 3391 – The Guarantee Access to Arts and Music Education Act of 2018 or the GAAME Act of 2018

This proposed bill seeks to amend the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 to expand access to school-wide arts and music programs; specifically, to provide standards-based music and arts education taught by respectively certified educators as well as programmatic assistance.     

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