By Susan Dreyfus

Since 2016, the Alliance network has been on a steady pace to fully implement our member driven and created Theory of Change. As a reminder, our strategy playbook is anchored on a set of intermediate outcomes. These outcomes are accelerated with a paramount priority of ensuring the fiscal health and sustainability of our members, so that with them and through them, we can demonstrate the distinction and influence of our sector to drive our shared vision for a healthy and equitable society. This vision is measured through our long-term outcomes of impact on Population Health and Well-being/Safety and Security at home and in the community, Education Success for all children and youth, and Economic Opportunity.

This work is not for the faint of heart as you told us clearly that the time for big, bold, and strategic change in our field and sector was an imperative. I am proud to say that together, we have had many strategic wins over the last couple of years, yet we still have more to do. Strategic and adaptive change is never quick, never easy, and never occurs on a straight line! 

I am writing this eNews article to update our members/owners on the next phase of our journey to align all of our assets with our member created and board approved strategic direction. You told us, through the Alliance of the Future visioning and planning process, that influence on policy/regulatory and fiscal environments that create larger systemic change was of paramount importance. This is why we are excited with this next phase of our work. We believe this work will set the conditions for us to ensure a full integration of policy/regulatory and fiscal alignment across all of our areas of focus — as described above. 

This past week, the Alliance continued to more deeply invest in the strength and influence of our public policy and government relations work. The Alliance implemented and integrated an Impact Team structure that will ensure that all of our work across the organization is not just ensuring best programs and practices by our members, but is also visible, leading, and working to set the policy, regulatory, and fiscal environments that create the systemic conditions for those best and desired programs and practices to be able to scale and be sustained. This will mean that we will more than double the number of staff who bear responsibility to work with our members to influence change at the policy level. 

This requires us to make changes in our current DC staffing pattern including hiring a new Senior Director for Government Relations — as the roles we now envision needing in DC are very different from the current roles we have today. We are purposely implementing these DC position changes now as Congress is in recess and little should happen in Congress before the elections. We ask for your patience as we implement these changes and be assured our Executive staff will ensure limited disruption in our current policy priorities. 

I hope this update is helpful to you. This is a time of unprecedented change in our field and our sector and you can count on the Alliance to be leading and walking along side you daily as we lean into the headwinds of change with courage, creativity, agility, and focus. 

On behalf of our entire team, thank you for all you do each and every day to embody the very best of our field and sector. We are proud to serve and represent you!

Should you have any questions about this next phase of our strategic implementation, please reach out to me or Ron Clewer, our Chief Operating Office at or 414-359-6589.

Thank you and take care,


Creating a Thriving Network

The following graphic depicts the alignment through which the Alliance is better positioned to fully advance its theory of change and bolster the excellence, distinction, and influence of the strategic action network. Ultimately, this work will support achievement of the Alliance’s intermediate and long-term outcomes as well as the commitment to impact brought forward by the report, A National Imperative: Joining Forces to Strengthen Human Services in America .