The changes to the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities’ public policy impact structure outlined last week will be reflected in an improved Alliance Policy Radar e-newsletter and ability for the Public Policy Office to track action and impact aligned with the Alliance’s theory of change. The Alliance Policy Radar will include policy and legislative updates, calls to action, and other opportunities for engagement around the key issue categories:

  • Population Health and Well-Being
  • Economic Opportunity
  • Educational Success
  • Family and Community Safety and Security

All of the Alliance’s impact areas will not only be viewed for policy implications and opportunities but will also be viewed through the lens of equity and brain science. 

Additionally, this e-newsletter will feature two new sections for policy or legislative issues:

  • Organizational Excellence, focusing on policy issues impacting the operations and stability of human service community-based organizations
  • Center for Engagement and Neighborhood Building, tracking other issues that go beyond the categories identified above but critically impact or address social determinants of health

The Alliance will track progress along these topical issue areas, including legislative activity, calls to action, legislator outreach, and media coverage of efforts by Alliance members around policy objectives.

What won’t change: As with past editions of the Alliance Policy Radar, we will focus on providing the information and resources you need on the issues you care about—issues that advance the Alliance’s 2017-2019 federal public policy agenda and are driven by our public policy platform, A Blueprint for Strong Families and Communities—staying true to our values-based policy approach that makes the Alliance truly unique.

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