This week, the Alliance network successfully worked with Rep. Danny Davis (IL), ranking member of the House Ways & Means Human Resources Subcommittee to seek official documentation of the answer to a question the network raised regarding implementation of Part 4 of FFPSA. In addition, on behalf of the network, the Alliance Policy Office submitted a letter of record following the July 24 House Ways & Means Human Resources Subcommittee’s hearing on the “Opioid Crisis: Family First Prevention Services Act Implementation.” 

Submission of Alliance Network's Question by Ranking Member of Human Resources Subcommittee 

As ranking member of the House Ways & Means Human Resources Subcommittee, Rep. Davis (IL) has agreed to seek official documentation to this question that was raised by the Alliance network. (Note: The question is worded as it will be posed to the Administration by Rep. Davis. So, "our" refers to the members of the Subcommittee/Congress.) 

It was our intent and is our understanding of the law that the QRTP requirements in Part 4 only apply to congregate placements for which states receive IV-E funds. Could you confirm that states who continue to place and pay for non-QRTP beds 100% with state funds will not be deemed to have selected to delay Part 4 and will remain eligible for all applicable funds under Part 1 for the prevention services.   

The Alliance will report to if/when an official clarification is documented. 

Alliance Submitted a Letter of Record Following the July 24 Congressional Hearing 

As a follow up to the July 24 congressional hearing, the Alliance network submitted a letter of record to the House Ways & Means Human Resources Subcommittee. The letter provided a list of questions that were not addressed during the hearing or were left as open questions. Read the letter here.