Respond to Federal Request for Comment on Proposed National Foster Family Licensing Standards 

On Aug. 1, 2018, HHS issued a Request for Comment on National Family Foster Home Standards with a due date of Oct. 1, 2018. As a reminder, FFPSA requires HHS to "identify reputable model licensing standards with respect to the licensing of foster families" by no later than Oct. 1, 2018. Thereafter, by April 1, 2019, states and tribes must demonstrate how standards are in accord with the national model standards or give a reason(s) why the state or tribe believes the model is not appropriate. In addition, the state or tribe must indicate whether it waives non-safety licensing standards for relative foster family homes.

Generations United (GU) is one of the national organizations that is leading on this aspect of FFPSA implementation. GU circulated this information to its national partners: "The text of the Proposed Model Family Foster Home Licensing Standards can be found here. ACF is proposing one set of standards for comment to apply to relatives and non-relatives, as well as state and tribal title IV-E agencies. The federal register notice recognizes that 'the Children's Bureau relied heavily upon the NARA standards in drafting the proposed National Model Family Foster Home Licensing Standards. The NARA standards were developed by attorneys at Generations United and the American Bar Associatio who researched family foster care licensing standards in state codes, regulations, and policies for each state and the District of Columbia.'"  

Alliance for Strong Families and Communities member organizations are encouraged to review the NARA Standards and submit comments on the proposed standards. Should you submit comments to the rule making portal, or by email, also forward comments to the Alliance Public Policy Office, so that we may follow your concerns. 

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