Congress’ budget deal included the Family First Prevention Services Act (FFPSA). Earlier this week, the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities issued an overview of the version of the bill that passed .

The FFPSA represents a major national breakthrough that allows for federal funding from the IV-E entitlement to finance efforts designed to keep children with their families and out of the foster care system. While there is widespread agreement that the FFPSA has weaknesses, this very positive development for children and families is one step in a longer-term process to realize the Alliance network’s ultimate goal of a fully-funded, front-end, preventative approach to ensuring the welfare of children in this country.

The Alliance network has been working to advance and influence federal child welfare finance reform for the past four years. Many recommendations from the network are in the bill, including fixes to some of the issues that were of concern.

The Alliance is conducting a full analysis of the bill and soon will provide more information including further reporting on the details that are key for Alliance members. The Alliance network will also continue working on its long-term campaign for full reform of federal child welfare financing including efforts to ensure flexibility, innovation, and continued progress through the use of Waiver Authority.

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