Asreported a few weeks ago, the Senate Finance Committee introduced 22 bills to address the opioid crisis. These bills have now been combined and introduced as the Helping to End Addiction and Lessen (HEAL) Substance Use Disorders Act of 2018. This act now contains three titles, Medicare, Medicaid, and Human Services. Over the past few weeks, the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities has been working with members to better understand certain provisions, specifically related to Title III which address Human Services.

Title III contains three sections:

  • Section 301 “Supporting Family-Focused Residential Treatment
  • Section 302 “Improving Recovery and Reunifying Families”
  • Section 303 “Building Capacity for Family-Focused Residential Treatment”

Specifically, Sections 301 and 302 support the recommendations the Alliance offered the Senate Finance committee to encourage the blending of Medicaid and Foster Care (Title IV-E) dollars to better support families, including the need for residential treatment facilities that are designed to keep families together when the primary caregiver is receiving treatment.  

If you are interested in engaging with the Alliance to support any of the sections as outlined in the chairman’s mark that align with the Alliance network's policy priorities, contact Carla Plaza, director of public policy and government relations.

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