As part of the recent bipartisan budget deal that was passed, Congress included an additional $6 billion in federal resources to fight the opioid crisis (in comparison to an additional $160 billion for military spending) over the next two years. However, it remains unclear how those federal resources will be appropriated. Some members of Congress are interested in providing block grants to states, others are more interested in funding specific programs. Regardless, appropriations staff are in the process of gathering ideas for spending $3 billion for the remainder of fiscal year.

In February, the Alliance submitted recommendations to the Senate Finance Committee grounded in input received from members of the strategic action network. Our recommendations called on committee members to focus on prevention, improve data collection, request additional research, insist on two-generation approaches to treatment, allow for innovation, model collaboration across committees of jurisdiction, and fortify family well-being.

If you are interested in partnering with us to reach your members of Congress, underscoring the message we sent in February, email Carla Plaza, director of public policy and government relations at the Alliance.    

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