The Within Our Reach Office at the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities is interested in partnering on an application for the Strengthening Child Welfare Systems to Achieve Expected Child and Family Outcomes funding opportunity.

The purpose of this funding opportunity is to award up to five five-year cooperative agreements for the development, implementation, and evaluation of strategies that focus on better adoption outcomes by improving basic social work, legal, and judicial practice to eliminate systemic barriers to adoption, preventing entry into foster care, and other forms of permanency.

Through these grant awards, the Children’s Bureau aims to support states with resources to implement and sustain child welfare system improvement efforts, including technical assistance support, to assist grantees in strengthening outcomes related to permanency, safety, and well-being. Applicants are required to use Child & Family Services Reviews findings, Program Improvement Plans, Child and Family Services Plans, Title IV-E Foster Care Eligibility Review, Annual Progress and Services Reports, and Court Improvement Program (CIP) Plans, and CIP Self-Assessments to identify barriers, challenges, and potential solutions to:

  • Supporting placement of children in kinship care arrangements, pre-adoptive, or adoptive homes
  • Permanency planning and achievement
  • Ensuring child safety
  • Enhanced engagement with and service delivery to children and families including fathers
  • Enhanced case planning
  • Maintaining family relationships and connections

The Within Our Reach Office at the Alliance is interested in partnering with member organization applicants and grantees to provide guidance and technical assistance to strengthen outcomes related to permanency, safety, and well-being. Within Our Reach works to further the recommendations of the federal Commission to Eliminate Child Abuse and Neglect Fatalities. The goal of Within Our Reach is to equip policymakers, practitioners, and advocates with the tools they need to fundamentally reform child welfare. Based on the commission’s national strategy, desired reform includes a proactive public health approach—a shared family and community responsibility to keep children safe.

For more information about a potential partnership or how the Alliance may help strengthen your organization’s application, contact Teri Covington, director of Within Our Reach, at 202-276-5695.

For more information in this grant opportunity see HHS-2018-ACF-ACYF-CO-1360.

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