How are you engaging people to register and get out to vote? There many different approaches to voter engagement—the Alliance would like to hear and share yours. Go to the Alliance Policy Action Center to share your story

By mobilizing our communities to vote, we engage the voices of those we serve and activate a group of voters that has historically supported policies that bolster people and communities, strengthen family well-being, and promote respect and dignity for all.

With more than 70 percent of governors up for election in the mid-terms, we have been monitoring how many states may wind up with new leadership. In preparation for this potential transition, we are seeking input from Alliance members that may be used for creating a “new governor” toolkit to help an incoming governor become connected with members, get up to speed on the needs of members, and understand the work in specific programs and services that advance child, individual, family, and community well-being. If you are interested in sharing your successes, concerns, and organizational information please email us with “Governor’s Toolkit” in the subject line so that we may create these state toolkits.

Helping to get the vote out - Nonprofit VOTE offers many valuable resources including clear tools and action steps for engaging voters:

Interested in a tech option to help get out the vote? VoteWithMe is a new mobile app that syncs your phone's address book and the voter database to find people you know who may be eligible to vote in upcoming elections. With this list of potential voters you are able to message them directly with reminders about voting. VoteWithMe is powered by The New Data Project.