Packed gyms, cleanses, sugar detoxes, and new goals for the new year. We are all familiar with the flurry of activity every January, as individuals launch New Year’s resolutions and reboot healthy habits. The start of a new year provides a great opportunity for individuals and community-based organizations, to reflect on successful health and wellness efforts and to explore new opportunities in the year ahead.

As community-based organizations explore new ways to empower families to lead more healthful lives, the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities offers a variety of new resources and opportunities for improving health and well-being:

  1. The Newly Launched Healthy For Life® 20 By 20 Facilitator Hub: Access this one-stop shop of free educational experiences, videos, and recipes to support community-based health and wellness programming. Two of the Alliance’s strategic partners, Aramark and the American Heart Association (AHA), have teamed up to improve the health of all Americans 20 percent by 2020, through the Healthy For Life® 20 By 20 initiative, designed to help people make better food and lifestyle choices through culturally relevant content, family-centric activities, and community-based education curriculum focused on healthier food options and proper nutritional support.  Check out this user friendly, engaging site full of resources and sign up to be a facilitator.
  2. Health and Human Services Intersection Alliance Peer Exchange Group: Become a member of this peer group working to transform health outcomes in the U.S. by leveraging the collective wisdom of the human services sector. This group aims to build upon best practices, develop innovative delivery models and practices that improve healthcare systems and health outcomes for all people.
  3. Aramark’s Nourish Blog: Feed your mind with authentic stories and insights to inspire your food offerings, solutions, and community members. Explore this blog for regular updates on topics like environmental sustainability, health and wellness, and trends.
  4. The Alliance’s Senior Leadership Conference: Join us Feb. 18-19 in Clearwater, Florida, and hear from Alliance members that have partnered with Aramark to advance community health and well-being in the workshop Creating Thriving and Innovative Partnerships.

Don’t let your community’s health and wellness goals fall by the wayside. Connect with the Alliance network for the resources and support you need to be successful.