These are the top 10 most accessed resources from the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities Library in 2018. They span topics from foster care recruitment to performance excellence to organizational equity, diversity, and inclusion goals. Log in to the Library to view the resources.

Thank you to Alliance members and partners for sharing documents with the Alliance network in 2018. Your contributions made up half of the 10 most clicked library resources of 2018!

Now for 2018’s Top Ten Library Resources:

#10 Alliance Network Handbook: Investor's Manual

Alliance for Strong Families and Communities
The purpose of this handbook is to provide our members with a consolidated reference on our beliefs, principles, terms, and conditions of membership. Included in this handbook are the important main tenets we stand for and expect our members to uphold as well.

#9 Foster Care Recruitment and Marketing Annual Plan
Alliance member MBCH Children and Family Ministries, Bridgeton, MO
Includes program goals, benchmarks, staffing needs, program goals related to strategic plan, and more.

#8 Moving Beyond Compliance to Performance Excellence
Pendleton Place, Greenville, SC; Cornerstones of Care, Kansas City, MO; Aviva Family and Children's Services, Los Angeles, CA; Ascentria Care Alliance, Worcester, MA; The Village, Hartford, CT
This is the slide deck from a National Conference presentation in which leaders from the Performance Excellence APEX helped attendees work through hands-on scenarios and collect toolkits related to research-driven outcomes, integrated dashboard design, proactive quality management, accreditation management, data-driven business planning, outcomes-based financing, and technology utilization.

#7 Procedures for Employee Safety in the Community
Alliance member National Youth Advocate Program, Columbus, OH
A nice 2-pager on safety while visiting clients in the community.

#6 Organizational Diversity, Inclusion and Equity Goals April 2017 – March 2020
Alliance member Interfaith Outreach & Community Partners, Minneapolis, MN
Includes a chart that indicates goals, rationales, measurable results, and “activities might include.”

#5 Beyond the Grant: A Sustainable Financing Workbook
ReThink Health   
This workbook offers modules with practical, user-friendly tools to answer common financing questions and develop action plans for moving beyond the grant.

#4 Guide to Comparing Clearinghouses for Evidence-Based Programs
California Evidence-Based Clearinghouse for Child Welfare
Provides a simple summary of the key distinctions between clearinghouses for evidence-based programs.

#3 Young Child Risk Calculator
National Center for Children in Poverty
This interactive tool will show users how many children under age nine in each state are experiencing serious risks to their development.

#2 10 Steps for Engaging Adults 50+ and Alliance Second Acts Initiative 
This guide highlights ten simple steps to help kick-start the development of an intentional plan to recruit and train adults 50+ (“encore talent”) for your organization.

#1 Outcomes Report: Fiscal Year 2017
Alliance member Hillside Family of Agencies, Rochester, NY
Bragging rights for this year’s most clicks goes to Hillside Family of Agencies! Hillside shared this valuable report with us in January 2018. You can find this and other impact and outcomes reports in the Alliance Library: Member Outcomes/Impact Reports.

Call For Resources

There is no question that Alliance members create valuable resources that are helpful to others in our strategic action network. The strength of our network comes from the willingness to continuously learn, improve, and innovate from and with one another. At the Alliance, we have a staff of experienced librarians who obtain reliable and premium content and resources for members.

Consider submitting a policy, procedure, or plan template you use often, find indispensable, and/or are particularly proud of via this form or email it to the Alliance Library.

Here's a big shout-out to Hillside Family of Agencies, MBCH Children and Family Ministries, Pendleton Place, Cornerstones of Care, Aviva Family and Children's Services, Ascentria Care Alliance, National Youth Advocate Program,, and Interfaith Outreach & Community Partners for sharing documents with the Alliance network via the library in 2018 – your contributions made up half of the ten most clicked library resources of 2018!