By: Linda Scott, VP of Child & Family Solutions, JFCS, Phoeniz, AZ
From sharing job leads to learning best practices, to knowing who to ask about business challenges, a robust professional network is invaluable to you as a leader. The bigger your network, the more opportunities you have to both give and receive. And, having a broad network to tap into for information and intelligence helps you make smarter decisions. No matter how you slice and dice it you need opportunities to meet people, and to make lasting connections. 

If you’re thinking about starting a new program or service, you’ll want to get firsthand advice from someone who has been there/done that. There’s an advantage to being able to have that candid conversation with someone who isn’t in the same competitive market as you. That’s the value of a great network. If you’ve got a burning question about what kind of efficiencies others have been able to find in managing the same programs as you, I’m betting you’d get more value from talking to someone you know than from being at the mercy of search engines.

The Alliance for Strong Families and Communities’ Senior Leadership Conference is one of the best networking opportunities you will find in the human services sector. Attended by experienced executives and rising leaders, the Senior Leadership Conference is a rich source for learning from professional contacts and for offering your own experience and connections. 

As a member of the Senior Leadership Conference Council, and as an attendee for many years, I can guarantee that this conference is intentionally and uniquely designed to maximize your networking opportunities. This boutique conference offers:

  • The perfect size for excellent networking—big enough to meet lots of people and small enough to connect with them repeatedly!
  • Welcome receptions designed simply to make you feel welcome and give time to get to connect with other attendees
  • Dine Arounds—sign up to have dinner with an affinity group at a local restaurant
  • Mix & Mingle Happy Hour, held right there in the hotel bar, is another easy way to build relationships
  • Afternoon Networking activity—built in time just for the purpose of relationship building!
  • Sign up for the planned boat building team event, or take a small group of your own choosing out to the beach for relaxed conversation

Your professional network is a wonderful source of knowledge. It exposes you to new ideas and to different ways of doing things. It gives you the opportunity to connect others and to share your own experiences for someone else’s benefit. Here is perhaps the best part—network contacts made at the Senior Leadership Conference often become friends and supports beyond the world of work. 

The Alliance Senior Leadership Conference is your ticket to the best professional network made up of our sector’s most knowledgeable and generous leaders. Come to the Senior Leadership Conference Clearwater Beach in February, and build your network!