Alliance releases policy agenda, advocacy toolkit

The 2019-2020 Federal Public Policy Agenda is now available from the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities and is ready to be used as a key resource for members within the public policy space. This public policy agenda is built on a unifying set of core values and building blocks articulated in our Alliance member-created public policy platform, A Blueprint for Strong Families and Communities.

Through the public policy agenda, we will work to ensure our strategic action network is mobilized to enact and protect public policies that: 

  • Bolster people and communities served by our network through federal fiscal policy
  • Support safe data storage and sharing to promote cross-system collaboration that leads to positive outcomes for children and families
  • Promote innovative age-inclusive, intergenerational approaches to build family well-being and community cohesion
  • Use the latest findings in neurosciences and prevention sciences to restore healthy developmental trajectories for children, adults, and families
  • Reduce disparities for marginalized individuals and communities
  • Lift up comprehensive wraparound support services to promote stability

In conjunction with the launch of the 2019-2020 Federal Public Policy Agenda and the Blueprint for Strong Families and Communities, the Alliance has updated its Policy, Advocacy, and Communications Toolkit. The advocacy toolkit provides information and resources to assist members in communicating effectively with policymakers, legislators, stakeholders, constituents, and media. The goal of this refreshed, 2019 version of the toolkit is to further: 

  • Build the advocacy muscle for solutions-oriented, values-driven public policy advocacy within the social sector
  • Engage board members and volunteers
  • Motivate the whole field of social sector organizations to achieve better policies that serve children and families
  • Enhance the effectiveness and impact of our community-based organizations

Toolkit Contents

Download the entire toolkit or skip to specific sections to quickly find the information and guidance you're looking for.

  • Getting Started: Connect with Your Strategic Action Network
  • Public Policy Platform: A Blueprint for Strong Families and Communities
  • 2019-2020 Federal Public Policy Agenda
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • The Basics of Government Structure
  • Making Your Case
  • How to Engage with Your Legislators
  • Media Relations
  • Hosting Special Events to Promote Policy
  • Social Media

As you move ahead in your public policy efforts, remember that you are not alone in this undertaking; the Alliance is available to provide tools and guidance to help your voice be heard and enhance the effectiveness of our collective advocacy.

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