Eric Schindler, president and CEO of Child and Family Resources, closed out the Snapshots presentations at the 2018 Alliance National Conference by addressing the elephant in the room. In his presentation, Eric confronts the power dynamics of the charity model and political advocacy, pointing out that community-based nonprofits are often so desperate for charitable dollars, they live in fear of offending donors and don’t speak out on major issues. 

Eric challenges the status quo during his presentation, asking why nonprofits are so happy to honor major donors who donate, say $20,000, to help children and families, but then turn around and contribute more than 10 times that amount to elect candidates who support policies and funding cuts that are harmful to children’s well-being. For what nonprofits might gain in funds, they lose far more in political power and systems change.  

Watch Eric’s Snapshot presentation and hear the solution—Nonprofit 2.0. 

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