Imagine, how we could have responded to community social needs, as a result of COVID19, through regional networks. The Alliance for Strong Families and Communities, in partnership with our members in the Health and Human Services Intersection Alliance Peer Exchange group, is exploring ways to support building regional and national networks of community-based human services organizations to be ready, responsive, and influential in the new health care marketplace. It is completing this work on behalf of its greater member network to advance our ability to establish and strengthen contractual partnerships with health care.

A first step in this process is a survey to capture key information about community-based human services organizations’ services, populations, and operations. It is also a tool to guide organizations in the development of contracts and investments in support of services provided to children and families involved with the child welfare and justice systems, child and family behavioral health services, primary care and health care services and community wellness improvements.  

Complete the survey online by June 1. Each organization only needs to submit one survey. It may take up to one hour to complete. View a PDF version of the survey questions to collaborate with colleagues. You must complete all questions on a current page of the survey to advance to the next page. 

Your input is critical to helping the Alliance understand how best to strategically position community-based human services organizations as key stakeholders in improving health and well-being of people and their communities. The results will help us to determine the Alliance network’s current capabilities for interfacing with the health care delivery system, perceived need, and interest in partnering with Alliance in this endeavor.

Contact Michelle Hinton, director of health and well-being at the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities, with questions or for more information.