Illustration showing people with voting ballots

With 2020 being an important election year, it’s time for community-based organizations to ramp up civic engagement activities around the country. The Alliance for Strong Families and Communities is partnering with experienced members and Nonprofit VOTE to provide examples from the field, along with resources containing guidance on voter and civic engagement.

Member stories, coupled with related tools and tips for executing such practices at your organizations, will be released regularly via the Alliance E-News and Alliance Policy Radar. In addition, a complete toolkit compiling all the information will be released in April.

These community and voter engagement efforts will raise our voices and ensure that the government is hearing from all constituents. Also, by educating citizens about voting and civic responsibilities, we can build stronger and more cohesive communities.

Alliance members to be highlighted with case examples of their voter education efforts include: 

  • SaintA in Milwaukee
  • Children’s Home & Aid in Chicago
  • Pressley Ridge in Pittsburgh
  • Rockford Housing Authority in Rockford, Illinois 
  • BakerRipley in Houston
  • People Serving People in Minneapolis
  • Bridge Meadows in Portland, Oregon

Some themes in the guide include: 

  • Mission-centric voter engagement 
  • Nonpartisan approaches 
  • Nonprofit 501(c)(3) status and clarifications around voter education
  • Challenging misconceptions about community power 
  • Engaging the community as civic leaders 
  • Ballot measures 
  • Building a culture of civic engagement

Get started with these resources from Nonprofit VOTE:

And tell us what you are doing in civic engagement and voter education.