The Alliance for Strong Families and Communities is launching a monthly e-newsletter that will highlight ways that preventing child maltreatment is within our reach

Created for policymakers, practitioners, and advocates, this e-newsletter will delve into the public health approach to child welfare transformation. It will examine how we can create effective community responses to improve outcomes for children and families by employing population-level data, equitably allocating resources and services, and aligning multiple agencies.

Through Alliance initiatives, including Within Our Reach and Child Safety Forward, as well as the greater Alliance network, we’re continuously learning about innovative efforts being led around the country. Articles will showcase their successes, lessons learned, and approaches to bending the arc of policy and practice toward prevention so that all families can thrive.

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About Within Our Reach

In housing the Within Our Reach Office, the Alliance is the key organizer in this national effort that works to further the recommendations of the Commission to Eliminate Child Abuse and Neglect Fatalities through a spirit of shared ownership and collaboration with many partners.

Casey Family Programs, whose mission is to provide, improve—and ultimately prevent the need for—foster care, is an integral partner to Within Our Reach, and this e-newsletter is made possible through a grant and support from Casey Family Programs. 

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