2020 was a year no one could have anticipated. Amidst fighting the COVID virus, our nation was shocked by the atrocities of injustice against Black and Brown bodies as well as numerous cases of social injustices across all corners of our nation challenging justice and EDI.

Against this backdrop, organizations are working to build and strengthen their own awareness of and capacity for equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) principles, which is no easy task. 

It is time to underscore your organization’s commitment to EDI. 
During an upcoming virtual workshop series, brought to you by the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities, participants will be able to explore their organization’s relationship with EDI in a safe environment and develop or enhance their EDI action plan. 

To meet this moment, not only as an organization, but as individuals, we will take the time to understand our own biases and historical discrimination, non-inclusive actions, and culture in creating an unjust society.

This workshop will provide a space to reflect and plan for a more inclusive and woke workplace. Through our Intercultural Development Inventory assessment, participants will be able to put their ideas to action in a hands-on facilitation. 

As we close the chapter on 2020, we begin this new year writing its epilogue, facing its challenges head on to help all people thrive. 

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