The goals of the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities' education policy briefs are to lift up the values-based innovations and thought leadership from our sector, and to identify the policy recommendations that can help to spread and scale these solutions in communities across our country.

Through policy and practice, we want to build the capacities of community-based organizations to continue to be a catalyst for education reform and to achieve meaningful impact for young people, especially those facing the greatest barriers to educational success.

In this brief, we focus on community schools. The brief covers:

  • History and context of community schools
  • Overview of the Community Partnership Schools™ model, an innovative approach to community schools
  • Recommendations for policy stakeholders to support the spread and scale of this work

Thank you to Children’s Home Society of Florida, the University of Central Florida, and the Children’s Institute for their contributions to this policy brief. 

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The four partners outlined in the Community Partnership Schools™ brief committed to a long-term agreement via a memorandum of understanding (MOU). This MOU outlines the specific commitment each partner is adhering to during the time of the partnership. These allow each partner to understand and agree to the service or resource and length of time they are committing to.

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