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As part of the Change in Mind Institute's inaugural class, these organizations have found promising ways to infuse brain science into their every day policies and practices.


"Our Change in Mind work shifted us to more of a project approach that used design-thinking concepts in terms of how we do things: How we translate the research into evidence, how we factor in brain science, how we design or implement programs, how we address unmet needs, and how we do innovative work."

– Gabriel McGaughey, Children's Hospital of Wisconsin


We Can't Afford to Wait

The evidence is clear: brain science research must be translated into our organizations' DNA if we are to effectively address our communities' most pressing challenges.


Three Ways to Get Started


Build consensus among diverse stakeholder groups and outline a plan for putting brain science knowledge into action 

Keynote Speakers

Host a compelling conference, community forum, or event featuring one of our partners with deep expertise in neuosciences, systems change, implementation science, user-centered design, framing and communications, data gathering and analysis, or public policy and mobilization

One-on-One Consulting

Receive customized support and access to experts based on your organization's unique needs


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