The Alliance for Strong Families and Communities believes that our country thrives when everyone can reach their full potential. Because we work at the nexus of families, communities, and public systems every day, our strategic action network is a vital partner with policymakers in pursuit of solutions that will accelerate progress toward achieving a healthy and equitable society.

This public policy agenda is built on a unifying set of core values and seeks to ensure that all families and communities have access to the building blocks that sustain well-being and unleash human potential.

To best leverage our strengths and those of other organizations that share our vision, we will approach issues in three ways:

  • Accelerate through Leadership. As change agents, the Alliance strategic action network will take a leadership role
  • Accelerate through Partnership. The Alliance will lean in with active and committed partners
  • Incubate. The Alliance will incubate new ideas and explore additional opportunities

Our strategic action network is mobilized to enact and protect public policies that:

  • Bolster people and communities through federal fiscal policy
  • Strengthen family well-being
  • Build thriving communities
  • Support access to affordable, preventive, and fully integrated health care
  • Accelerate charitable giving

Bolster People and Communities Through Federal Fiscal Policy

Fiscal policy set forth by the administration and Congress outlines federal funding for both entitlement and discretionary programs that are critical to the health and well-being of America’s families and communities. We urge federal lawmakers to make federal funding decisions and tax policies that protect and enhance rather than erode support for families and communities since we know that strong families fuel vibrant communities and economies. We will:

  • Monitor the federal budget process to ensure that vital programs for populations served by our network are funded (Accelerate through Partnership)
  • Monitor tax reform proposals to support changes to the tax code that will be beneficial to populations supported by our network, but not as a trade-off for programs that support positive outcomes (Accelerate through Partnership)

Strengthen Family Well-Being

The federal government can play a supportive role in strengthening child and family well-being by reinforcing safe, stable, nurturing relationships and environments. We support policies that integrate prevention and early response strategies to proactively build family and community strengths. To that end, we call on Congress and the administration to:

  • Enact the Trauma-Informed Care for Children and Families Act of 2017 (Accelerate through Leadership)
  • Extend IV-E financing to support keeping kids with families (Accelerate through Leadership)
  • Reauthorize the Maternal, Infant and Early Childhood Home Visiting (MIECHV) program for five years with an incremental funding increase that reaches the funding level of $800 million per year (Accelerate through Partnership)
  • Ensure families have the services required to keep children safe by reauthorizing and increasing funding for the Child Abuse and Prevention Treatment Act (CAPTA) (Accelerate through Partnership)
  • Protect funding for the Social Services Block Grant to support key investments (Accelerate through Partnership)

Build Thriving Communities

Families need safe, livable, vibrant communities that offer the promise of security, economic opportunity and upward mobility to reach their full potential. The Alliance advocates for federal policies that promote the following community-based supports that enhance the role of the community in meeting the needs of families. We call on the administration and Congress to:

  • Protect funding for the Community Services Block Grant, which supports affordable housing,  anti-poverty programs, and infrastructure development (Accelerate through Partnership)
  • Make parallel investments in comprehensive workforce supports within policy to rebuild our nation’s infrastructure (Incubate)

Support Access to Affordable, Preventive, Fully Integrated Health Care

A foundational support that every person and community needs to thrive is access to affordable, preventive, fully integrated physical and mental health care. The social sector, alongside public health, is an important partner in addressing the social determinants of health to drive early intervention and prevention programs that result in improved population health outcomes.  To that end, the Alliance works to:

  • Promote the acceleration of addressing the social determinants of health as integral to improving population outcomes and achieving cost-savings (Accelerate through Leadership) (Incubate)
  • Further reduce the number of uninsured (Accelerate through Partnership)
  • Maintain parity between health and behavioral health insurance coverage (Accelerate through Partnership)
  • Insist on a net positive impact on populations served by Medicaid, as well as local and state economies, in the face of efforts to redesign Medicaid’s federal-state partnership (Accelerate through Partnership)
  • Extend the Children’s Health Insurance Program for five years (Accelerate through Partnership)

Accelerate Charitable Giving

Tax policies that encourage charitable giving to nonprofit, nonpartisan organizations are more important than ever, given proposed reductions in government funding for social services. We:

  • Support tax code enhancements that incentivize charitable giving (Accelerate through Partnership)
  • Oppose efforts to politicize the charitable nonprofit and philanthropic community by repealing or weakening current federal tax law protections (i.e. the Johnson Amendment) that prohibit 501(c)(3) organizations from endorsing, opposing, or contributing to political candidates (Accelerate through Partnership)

Additional Policy Focus

In addition, over the next two years, we will:

  • Develop regulatory relief recommendations that help the human services sector work more efficiently without lessening its impact on the individuals and communities served (Accelerate through Leadership) (Incubate)
  • Explore the possibility of modifying the Congressional Budget Office’s 10-year scoring window to account for cost-savings related to preventive policies (Incubate)
  • Generate public financing concepts that may better support outcomes (Incubate)