As public systems move forward in increasing more generative human services that drive better outcomes and population-level change, they know that systems change must deeply engage diverse stakeholders and acknowledge their unique perspectives and strengths to accelerate deep change efforts.

The Alliance for Strong Families and Communities is your crucial partner as you guide systems change by helping you equip your social sector partners for leadership and innovation that strengthens organizations and catalyzes their full potential.

As a well-respected cross-sector facilitator with experience in public and private human services, we can lead you and your social sector partners in effective communications and change processes that build buy-in and help ensure your success.

Our Approach

With the drive towards systems change, the Alliance works with public and private social sector leaders to help map the interdependencies needed for systems transformation across practice, policy, regulatory, and fiscal domains that provide a clear roadmap for transformation. We engage all parties in identifying shared values, goals, and aspirations to serve as guiding principles for future transformative work that creates buy-in to get the best out of systems change processes.

What We Offer

  • Facilitation of stakeholder convenings to initiate productive dialogues
  • Stakeholder interviews to fully uncover and appreciate diverse challenges and viewpoints
  • Insightful case examples delivered by experienced providers that have navigated similar transformation and change
  • Discussion of current national trends that are shaping our landscape for strategy and transformation
  • Support development of implementation goals and strategies that guide desired transformation efforts in a collaborative, timely and results driven manner.
  • Customized technical assistance and coaching for service providers to adapt their existing operations and business models to realign with systems of care approaches

Contact Peter Metzger, project manager, for information how the Alliance can support and accelerate your systems change work.