Offer a robust benefits package, save money, and reduce costs to employees by taking advantage of this new member benefit from the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities. Through the Alliance’s partnership with C&A Benefits Group, member organizations can join to form a larger risk pool and better negotiate superior group health insurance at a lower cost. 

Attract and retain the best talent with a competitive benefits package.

Key Features

Preferred National Network Group Rates. Increased purchasing power allows organizations to realize savings (Six percent to 15 percent savings on average

Predictable Costs. Exposure is limited to the known monthly premium your organization pays. There’s no extra charges for high claims because the reinsurer offers full protection from larger claims.

Financial Credits. Organizations keep their plans profits’, not the insurance company.

Robust Benefit Plan Options. Including PPO, HRA, and HSA plans.

Optional High-Quality Ancillary and Voluntary Benefits. Dental, vision, life insurance, disability

Compliance Support. Affordable Care Act, Department of Labor, and other human resources support.

Large National Provider Network. Employees have access to thousands of providers from coast to coast through large national medical, dental, and vision network.

Dedicated Servicing Team. Trained, experienced professionals respond quickly and effectively to your organization’s unique needs.

Robust Technology Platform. A robust, secure human resources information system/benefits administration platform is customized to your organization at no additional cost.

In addition to the national network health benefits plan, the Alliance offers a suite of operations support services to help nonprofits meet their administrative needs. By partnering with the Alliance, you can outsource human resources, finance, and administrative duties for which internal capacity is limited.