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Human services community-based organizations impact the lives of an estimated one in every five Americans. Read report. @AllianceNews @APHSA1

Healthier, more productive lives for human services recipients. Increased benefits to society at large. It’s all within reach. Read the National Imperative report. @AllianceNews @APHSA1 #WithinReach

Human services community-based organizations employ more than 3 million Americans and generate in excess of $200 billion in economic activity through wages and services provided. @AllianceNews @APHSA1

Human services community-based organizations’ investment in “upstream” human services has the potential to transform society’s most vexing problems and impact healthcare, education and judiciary and other systems. @AllianceNews @APHSA1

The potential value of human services CBOs is much greater than what has been realized so far. Find out how CBOs can deliver even greater economic and social benefits. Read the National Imperative report. @AllianceNews @APHSA1 #WithinReach

Realizing the transformative potential of the human services sector is both an opportunity and a challenge. Read the National Imperative report. @AllianceNews @APHSA1

We can unlock new sources of strategic capacity that can help human services community-based organizations achieve greater financial stability and flexibility, leading to improved outcomes and greater sustainability. @AllianceNews @APHSA1

Human services community-based organizations must make the transition from delivering services to delivering on outcomes. Read how they can achieve this. @AllianceNews @APHSA1

Recipients of human services and society face significant risks if the larger human services ecosystem is not financially strong and delivering on its potential. Find out why. Read the National Imperative report. @AllianceNews @APHSA1

The five initiatives human services community-based organizations must undertake to unlock their full potential. Find out what they are. Read the National Imperative report. @AllianceNews @APHSA1

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