The Alliance for Strong Families and Communities is a strategic action network of hundreds of social sector organizations across the nation. We work with millions of people each day to help them build, maintain, and restore their physical, emotional, social and economic well-being.

As members of the health and human service sector, we sit at the intersection between families,communities and systems, which gives us a unique vantage point to work toward policies and advocacy efforts to ensure the ability of families to not just survive, but to thrive. As members of the communities in which we operate, our network interacts on a daily basis with the families we serve, which gives us personal insight into the challenges they face. These insights, paired with the knowledge and skills of the social service experts within our network, equip Alliance members to serve as effective partners with policymakers to support and improve the daily lives of all.

The Alliance works for transformational change by providing the tools and resources needed to help our network and sector advocate for policies at the local, state, and national level that will help foster and maintain strong families and communities.

About the Toolkit

In conjunction with the launch of the Blueprint for Strong Families and Communities and the Alliance’s 2019-2020 federal public policy agenda, the Alliance has updated this values-based advocacy toolkit. The goal of this refreshed, 2019 version of the toolkit is to further:

  • Build the advocacy muscle for solutions-oriented, values-driven public policy advocacy within the social sector
  • Engage board members and volunteers
  • Motivate the whole field of social sector organizations to achieve better policies that serve children and families
  • Enhance the effectiveness and impact of our community-based organizations

The toolkit contains information and resources to assist you in communicating effectively with policymakers, legislators, stakeholders, constituents, and media. These resources can be applied to engagement with all levels of government including city officials, local county board members,members of your state legislature, or U.S. senators or representatives. Additional tools provide ideas about what to cover when public officials visit your organization, or when you are testifying before a public body.

As you move ahead, remember that you are not alone in this undertaking; the Alliance is available to provide tools and guidance to help your voice be heard and enhance the effectiveness of our collective advocacy.

Toolkit Contents

Download the entire toolkit or skip to specific sections to quickly find the information and guidance you're looking for.

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