Trusted Partner Program

This program recognizes organizations that have established commitments to providing Alliance for Strong Families and Communities members with meaningful solutions. Participating organizations are recognized as Premier Trusted Partners and Preferred Trusted Partners.

Premier Trusted Partners

These organizations have established significant commitments with the Alliance and provide members with meaningful programs and high-level solutions.

Preferred Trusted Partners

These organizations have established commitments with the Alliance and provide members with meaningful content, products, or services.



Through the PurchasingPoint℠ program, Alliance members have access to discounts on a vast range of products and services, including office supplies, shipping, furniture, car rentals, and cell phones.

To begin accessing these discounts:

  1. Visit the Alliance-specific PurchasingPoint portal
  2. Find your organization by entering its ZIP code
  3. Enter the required contact information to create an account

If your organization is not listed, you are the first person to register on the portal and will be prompted to complete the organization’s enrollment.

When enrolling an organization, you will receive an agreement from DocuSign via email. Once the agreement has been electronically signed, the organization will be given a unique program ID.

The instructions for receiving individual discounts vary by vendor. They typically involve completing a brief online form or calling a vendor representative. Once the instructions have been completed, all of the purchasing and invoicing will be handled directly between the organization and vendor.

Organizations are free to enroll with as many vendors as they want, without obligation to buy. If an organization decides to purchase through a vendor, it may discontinue at any time.Direct questions to the Alliance Member Relations Department.